Month: March 2020

COVID-19 Volunteer Program (CERV) – Shanti Project

ABOUT THE CERV PROGRAM. CERV is a program created in partnership between the City of San Francisco
and Shanti Project. CERV Volunteers provide one time or occasional practical support to older and
vulnerable adults who are strongly advised to limit outdoor exposure during the Coronavirus pandemic.


The Resilient MET, part of the Merced Extension Triangle Neighborhood Association
is reaching out to residents in the neighborhood, to check in on everyone during the
“shelter in place” order due to the COVID-19 virus.
Phone calls are being made, and we advise residents to also check in on
their neighbors, especially the elderly, persons with special needs, and those
who live alone.
METNA executive officers are ready to respond to those who may need help.
We want our neighbors to know that they are not alone. A list of officers with
their contact information appears on the second page of each METNA Newsletter.
Feel free to call with questions or concerns.
Thank you,
Your METNA Officers